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One-to-One Photoshop Training in Sheffield

My name is Marie [aka the Photoshop Queen of Sheffield]. I'm a freelance Adobe Photoshop Trainer offering exciting and fun-packed Photoshop training in Coal Dronfield, on the outskirsts of Sheffield.

My one-day Photoshop course provides an ideal introduction to digital imaging techniques, graphic creation and photo-enhancement. Ideal for photographers, professional designers, architects, web designers, eBay sellers — in fact anyone wanting to enhance their digital images or create logos, posters, advertisements or newsletters.

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Take two photos...

Pre photo merge

...and merge them in moments using Photoshop's powerful blending tools:

Photo merging

Amazing Gradients

In just a few minutes you can create stunning effects like these...

Photoshop gradient Photoshop gradients

Enhancing Photos

This photo of my daughter would never have made it into a frame if hadn't been rinsed and spinned in Photoshop...

Photo beforePhoto after

Text Effects

This was a cup of plain coffee (see inset) until we added a shot of Photoshop...

Photoshop text

Fun Photo Effects


Photo before


Photo after

A bit later...

3-d photo cube

Appetite whetted?! This is just for starters! Take a look at the Course Outline for your main course...

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The examples above and in the Photoshop Course Outline are some of the techniques you will learn, but they are by no means set in stone and are certainly subject to your requirements. Many Photoshop "trainees" want to know how to do something specific, and I'm delighted to oblige. Nothing pleases me more than to help with personal projects — restoring a damaged photo, for example, or creating a company logo.

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